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Personal Data: A Definition

Personal data is any information that is associated with a person who has been identified or can be. It includes information that can be used to identify somebody directly or lead to their identification. This would be the name, location information, account or identification number, online identifier, physical features, genetics, or culture among other things.

About Us

Cleverr (also referred to as ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘company’, or ‘website) collects, stores, and processes personal data of customers and visitors to this website. This is done in full compliance with all applicable data privacy laws.

Personal Information Collected by Cleverr

We collect, store, and use a variety of personal information. It is our strict policy to never collect data unnecessarily or to use that data in any way other than detailed in this policy document. Here is a summary of the type of personal information that we collect and use:

Client Information

  • Name and Title
  • Email
  • Phone Numbers
  • Company Name
  • Address

Transaction Information

Data on payment transactions as well as details on services of ours you have purchased.

Financial Information

Account and credit card numbers, billing information, payment methods, invoices.

Contact Information

Records, notes, and other information created during contact with us via phone, email, messenger apps, or online chats.

Technical Information

IP Address

How we Collect Your Personal Data

We collect personal information as follows:

  • During your visits to our website
  • When you voluntarily provide information using order forms, via phone, email, or other direct contact methods.

Reasons For Collecting Your Personal Data

Your privacy is important to us. That is why we will never sell, give, or otherwise disclose your personal information without your consent unless we are compelled to do so by law. Here are the reasons we collect, process, and store your personal information:

Executing Our Contractual Obligations

  • Performing, administering, or managing Services related to any contract.
  • Providing personal information with vendors, contractors, or other service providers who are providing services to you on our behalf.
  • Managing related payments and billing
  • Contacting you regarding current, future, or previous contracts.
  • Contacting you regarding changes or additions to policies, or in response to inquiries.

Services Improvement

  • Conducting market research and Analysis
  • Reviewing and analyzing information to improve customer service, procedures, and systems.
  • Training and ensuring quality standards.
  • Complying with legal and Regulatory requirements.
  • Providing information to employees and others in support positions.
  • To verify and record Communications.
  • To contact you with relevant offers and information.

Your Rights

When it comes to the use of your personal data, you have some very important rights. These include:

Submitting a request for and receiving access to the personal information we have stored about you.

Requesting that any inaccurate or incomplete data about you be corrected. However, we have the right to verify the accuracy of any corrected information you provide to us.

Requesting that we delete your personal data. We must comply with this request unless we have a legitimate reason for keeping it such as complying with the law, or completing contractual obligations.

Requesting That we delete any personal data we have obtained unlawfully, or we are compelled by law to delete.

Objecting to the processing of your data where you have successfully established you’re right to make that objection. Additional information on this is below.

Requesting the Restriction of processing of your information. This is done in order to ask us to establish the information we have is accurate, to prove that our use of the data is legal, or there is pending review of the legality of our use of your information.

Withdrawing any previously given consent for us to use your data. This withdrawal will not impact the legality of any processing that occurred before you withdrew consent. Keep in mind that drawing consent will make us unable to provide certain services.

Your right of objection

You may object to our right to use your personal data for marketing purposes, analysis, or research if you believe it impacts your fundamental rights and freedoms. However, this objection only Stands if we are unable to prove that there is no violation,

Please contact us to exercise any of your rights regarding your personal data. Should you contact us with a request to exercise your data privacy rights, we may need to verify your identity. This is to ensure the security of any personal information we have stored.

Disclosing your personal information

We do not provide your personal information to any outside entities without your permission. The exception to this is providing information where we are legally required to do so. We do share information with third-parties with him, and we have contracted to provide services to you on our behalf. All third parties are instructed by us to adhere to our data privacy policies,

Safeguarding your data

We have taken all reasonable steps to protect your personal data, and ensure that it is secure. We have implemented security measures within industry standards in order to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, or distribution of your information. We have established methods to identify security breaches, mitigate the damage caused by them, and inform impacted users in a timely manner. We require that third parties also implement adequate security measures.

International Data Transfers

In some cases we may transfer data to other countries. Should we do this, we will ensure that your personal information is protected but implementing appropriate protections. These will include one or more of the following:

  • Verification that the destination country or territory ensures an adequate level of data protection.
  • The Entity storing and moving the data is contractually bound to provide adequate data protection.
  • The service provider understands and agrees to provide similar data protections to those offered in our country.

Refusing to provide your personal data

You are within your right to not provide personal information to us. However, since this data is necessary for us to provide services to you, we will not be able to provide some if not all the services to you.

Length of time we keep your data

We will only retain your personal information as long as necessary to provide services to you, to keep records necessary for billing and payments, to retain a future relationship with you, to respond to any inquiries or legal actions, for regulatory reasons, or for accounting purposes.

Age Limits

Where prohibited and legally applicable, we cannot allow anyone under the age of 16 to use our services or our website. If you are aware of anyone who has provided personal information to us who is under the age of 16 we request you contact us, so we are able to delete that information.

Your data protection authority

You have the right under applicable to restrict or revoke our use of your personal data. You may also file a complaint if your local data protection officer should that be applicable in your area.

Links to third-party websites

We may choose to link to other websites from our website. If you choose to click these links you do so under your own power. You are also doing so with the understanding that we have no control over the content or policies of these websites, and can I be held responsible for the results of your sharing any information. No external sites are governed by this privacy policy. We aren’t you to use good judgment and to read the privacy policy of any other sites you visit.

Contacting us

If you have questions or concerns about our data privacy policies, please contact our data protection officer using the following contact information:

Changes to this policy

We may occasionally make changes to this privacy policy notice. In many cases, this will be because laws, industry standards, and regulations make those changes necessary. We may also make changes due to adjustments we’ve made to our business model, or to add further clarification. The changes we make will be posted to this policy page. We encouraged you to review this notice frequently. If you make changes that impact your privacy rights, we will contact you using the information you have provided to us. Please ensure that is up-to-date and accurate. If you have requested that we delete your personal data, we will not be able to provide this notification.

Cookie Policy

Please read this cookie policy to learn more about our use of cookies on Cleverr.com.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file that we send to your computer or mobile device. This allows us to offer an improved experience on our website. Cookies are unique to your account. There are session based cookies that are only present while your browser session is open, and are deleted when you close your browser. Persistent cookies are present until you delete them, your browser deletes them, or they expire. Check out this link from a respected source that explains cookies in depth.

Our Use of Cookies

We use cookies for a variety of reasons. Their purposes are detailed below.


Functional cookies assist us in making our website operate correctly. These cookies are part of basic functionality such as allowing access to secured pages, and navigating from one page to the next. Our website would not work correctly without functional cookies.


Analytical cookies give us a better understanding of how you use our website. It collects and reports anonymous information.


These cookies are used to track your behavior as you navigate our website. These are used to target you with ads that are relevant based on your behavior. These cookies help ensure publishers and advertisers can reach you with content that is most relevant to you.

Managing Cookies

Your browser will have options that allow you to manage cookies. In some cases, you can create rules for managing cookies based on the website you are on. This will allow you to exercise the most control over your online privacy. You can also block or seriously limit cookies from all websites other than those you trust. You can refer to help information on your browser to learn more about managing cookies on Google Chrome, IE Safari, and Firefox. If you use another browser, you may consult the documentation that the maker of that software has published.

Remember that if you limit websites and apps from setting cookies, you may cause yourself to have a poor user experience. The website interactions you have will not be personalized. You may even lose access to certain pages, and be unable to save login information or other data.

Policy Changes

We may make changes to this policy on occasion. The publication date at the top of the page indicates the last date the policy was changed.

When we make changes to this policy, they are effective immediately, once notice has been given. Notice may be provided by a variety of means that includes posting a new version of this policy, or displaying a notification on the website.

Review this policy frequently so that you have a strong understanding of it, and can easily notice any changes that have taken place. By visiting this website, or making a purchase, you are indicating that you agree to abide by and understand this policy.


If you have any questions about our cookie policy, please contact us right away. You may use email, phone, or online chat to reach customer support.